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About ROI Mentors

ROI Mentors is a Coaching program to help new and experienced investors take their real estate business to new levels.  

The team consists of Jeff Rappaport with over 20+ years of real estate experience.  Very little he has not seen at some point over his years.  

Rebecca Jensen has been with the company for 8 years.  She is an expert at Dispositions and Networking.  She started her career in real estate with no prior knowledge and now she has been part of some of the biggest Mastermind groups in the country.  A true go giver.  She will help you in any way possible.  

Mohammed Alhareb is from Iraq.  He moved here about 7 years ago.  Mo attended a Meetup that Jeff and Rebecca have been doing for the last 7 years.  He ended up joining the Apprentice program and was an absolute success story.  He has been working as part of the team for the last 4 years.  He is a licensed realtor, has done countless closings, acted as Project manager, owned an Assisted Living Facility and has done a number of rehabs.  He is the swiss army knife of the team.  

ROI Mentors mission is to help people get to the life they truly want.  Whether it be supplementing their income, building a business, quitting their job, creating financial freedom or just having the flexibility to live their life the way they want to.  ROI Mentors will be the driving force to make that happen.  Our promise to you is we will always under promise and over deliver.  The rest is up to you!

About Jeff Rappaport:

Jeff has been an investor since 2000.  During his career he has wholesaled nationwide, bought and sold commercial properties, land development, rehabs and of course, put together countless creative financing deals.  

Jeff started his real estate career with no money and very little experience.  Started out buying houses Subject to the mortgage and lease optioning them out.  From there, he moved into negotiating short sales with banks.  

In 2001, he co-founded the first REIA in Utah.  He was the only speaker for the first 3.5 years.  

In 2004, Jeff started teaching real estate nationwide.  He had courses and seminars on Wholesaling, Pre-foreclosures, Selling Houses Fast, Lease Options and Options, Owner Financing and Generating Leads.  He loves to teach and continues to do so today.  

In 2017, Jeff and his co-host Jonathen Gallegos created The Creative Finance Podcast.  It continues today with 2 new co-hosts Nicole Kemanjian and Cody Richard with more than 200 episodes on how to use creative financing in your own business. 

Jeff continues to actually do the things he teaches.  He will push you to be great!  He wants you to be a success story and will over deliver to give you the best opportunity to do so.  

Are You Ready For Change?

Do you want to change your financial situation?  Do you want more freedom in your life?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Real estate is the vehicle to make all of that happen.  For more information click the button and find out what is truly possible.  

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