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Charnele Gadie

- Apprentice
"If you’re like me before you invest your hard-earned money in anything you NEED to do your due diligence and make sure you will get what you paid for and more. Let me tell you, in this apprentice program you’ll get what you paid for and MORE!!!
Don’t take my word for it, check out Jeff’s creative financing podcast. He knows his stuff. I have learned a great deal from being in Jeff’s program however what I am most grateful for is the encouragement and dedication of Jeff and Rebecca. They keep it real and truly care about your success. This program is not simply an educational tool but a real estate investing family committed to pushing each other to the top."

Mike Thompson 

- Apprentice
Jeff Rappaport and Rebecca Jensen at We Offer Options are experts in multiple types of real estate investment and I’ve learned an enormous amount working with them in both residential and commercial real estate. From Jeff’s Creative Financing podcast to the monthly meetings and apprenticeship program I’ve moved forward faster, and with more knowledge, than with any other mentor or education. And just as importantly, they really care about your success and personal growth and provide multiple ways to help you make progress on your goals. Jeff and Rebecca were instrumental in my transition from residential into commercial real estate and with their guidance I acquired two commercial cash-flowing properties within six months. I eagerly look forward to continuing my relationship with them and growing my business even further.

Cody Richard

- Apprentice
The apprenticeship program run by Jeff and Rebecca has been the biggest factor in my current success in real estate. During my time in the program, Jeff and Rebecca taught me all about real estate, and more specifically, wholesaling real estate. The program is an interactive, learn-as-you-go mode. It is perfect for a new investor or an investor that wants to become a wholesaler

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